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Jetix HydroJet 2.0

Jetix HydroJet 2.0

✔Extend Your Tools Lifespan

✔No More Dust or Corrosion

✔Fits in your pocket, Take It Anywhere

✔Remove Dust, Dirt, Debris In Seconds

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Jetix Hydro Jet Air Blaster 2.0 Delivery

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Jetix HydroJet Air Blaster 2.0Extend Your Tools Lifespan with Jetix Hydrojet 2.0

With Jetix Hydrojet 2.0 Your Tools Can Last Over 2x Times Longer By Creating a very powerful high-pressure stream of air. This will get rid of any harmful dust, dirt, rocks and other debris that would cause rust and damage to electronic components on your tools.

Tools Lifespan with Jetix Hydrojet 2.0

Tool Care Has Never Been This Easy!

Get Rid of Rocks, Dust, Dirt, Water, and other Debris with ZERO Effort!
Jetix Hydrojet Has Unlimited functionality, its power allows it to not only clean your workbench or tools from dust but it’s powerful enough to send pieces of solid wood, rocks and dirt away like it’s nothing!

Get Rid of Rocks, Dust, Dirt, Water, and other Debris

Ultimate Versatility In Any Situation

From Large Workplaces to Tiny Gadgets and Tools. Jetix Hydrojet comes with magnetic attachments that control the air flow distance, area and precision which makes sure you are always prepared for anything.

Fits In Your Pocket. More Powerful Than An Industrial Jet Blaster.

You Can Take Jetix Hydrojet 2.0 with you no matter where you go. This ensures that your tools last longer and your workplace is always in the top notch condition!

Jetix Hydrojet 2.0 for tools cleaningOVER 150,000 RPM OF BLOWING POWER 

We are using innovative Tesla Motors to achieve such high RPM’s
This allows Jetix Hydrojet to be more powerful than an oversized industrial jet blaster while being compact as a mobile phone.

JETIX - Hydro Jet Air Blaster 2.0  | Double Tools Life


Whats Included?

  • Shock Proof Packaging To Keep Your Jetix Hydrojet Safe.
  • Jetix Hydrojet Air Blaster 2.0
  • USB to USB-C Connector
  • Users Manual.


- Tesla Powered Motor

- Charging Type: USB Type C

- Power: 150,000 RPM

- Air Blowing Range: 70+ Meters

- Full Charge Durability: 60 Minutes+ at full power, Up to 100-120 Minutes + at lower power mode.

- Charging time: 1 Hour.

- Fan Speed Control can be controlled.


Order Proccessing and Shipment takes 1-2 business days.

Shipping times 5-8 Business Days from the moment of order being shipped.

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